Sound, Air, & Vent Testing Package

Sound, Air, & Vent Testing Package

Introducing our Sound, Air & Vent Testing Package

Are you gearing up for a new project? Simplify your compliance process with our all-inclusive testing package. At APT Sound Testing, we hold UKAS accreditation, allowing us to conduct both Air and Sound testing, ensuring full compliance with Building Regulations and Standards .

Say goodbye to the hassle of coordinating multiple visits and subcontractors. With our seamless Big 3 Package, you’ll not only save on costs but also eliminate potential coordination issues. Plus, rest assured knowing that our testing engineers uphold the highest standards, as we never subcontract our work.

Achieve compliance effortlessly with Building Regulations Part E, F & G by opting for our Big 3 Package, which includes:

1: Sound Insulation Testing: Ensure your residential development meets noise attenuation requirements with our comprehensive sound insulation testing. Part E of Building Regulations mandates testing of 10% of each party wall/floor construction type. Our testing covers both airborne noise (e.g., televisions, conversations) and impact noise (e.g., footsteps), ensuring your dwelling offers optimal sound resistance.

2: Air Tightness Testing: Compliance with Building Regulations Part L is a breeze with our air tightness testing. Since 2006, it’s been a legal requirement to achieve satisfactory levels of air tightness to reduce carbon emissions and enhance energy efficiency. Our testing identifies and addresses air leakage, helping you meet specific requirements and emission rate targets.

3: Extractor Fan Testing: Under Part F of Building Regulations, extractor fan testing is essential for new buildings with intermittent extractor fans in areas like bathrooms, WC, and kitchens. Our testing ensures these ventilation systems are balanced, commissioned correctly, and fit for purpose, contributing to the well-being of occupants and preventing property damage from issues like mold.

Choosing our Big 3 Package
By choosing our Big 3 Package, you not only streamline the testing process but also benefit from substantial cost savings. Our UKAS accreditation guarantees the highest quality service, giving you peace of mind throughout the compliance process.

Contact APT Sound Testing
Ready to simplify your compliance journey? Contact us now at 01525 303 905 for more information on our Big 3 Package. At APT Sound Testing, we’re committed to providing a friendly, proactive service to meet all your compliance and certification needs.

We can also undertake ‘in house’ UKAS accredited air tightness testing in one seamless package, lowering costs and negating coordination issues. Contact us today for more information.

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