Room Integrity Testing and do I need one?

Room Integrity Testing and do I need one?

What is Room Integrity Testing and do I need one?
Room integrity testing is required wherever a gaseous fire suppression system is installed to a room within a building. A gaseous fire suppression system is a highly effective and proven way of protecting your building against a fire, however it is not effective if your protected enclosure is not airtight, otherwise the agent may escape too quickly. The system works by releasing a gas agent into an enclosure which reduces the oxygen levels to suppress or put out the fire. 

To ensure the whole system works effectively, a Room Integrity Test should be completed at the point of install and not more than 12 months thereafter. A Room integrity Test works by creating pressure within the room or enclosure where the Fire Suppression System has been installed. The Test then measures the integrity of the room to ensure the gas does not dissipate to quickly before being able to extinguish the fire. For the Fire Suppression System to work effectively the enclosure needs to hold the gas and protect the equipment for a set period – usually 10 minutes. Here is some more information for Room Integrity Testing.

The most common protected rooms are Server Rooms and Data Centres, and the most Common Fire Suppression Systems are FM200, Inergen, IG55, NOVEC 1230. If you are unsure if you have one of the above systems, please Contact Us for further info. 

Does my Room need an Integrity Test?

Yes, you should have a room integrity test if you have any gaseous fire suppression system installed as per BS ISO 14520-1 and BS EN 15004-1, if you are unsure if your system falls under this category, please Contact Us to discuss further

How often do I require a Room Integrity test?

British Standards recommend that a Room Integrity Test is carried out at least annually and/or if the room has changed due general building work as small holes may be created or room sizes changed, due to new cable trays, pipework, vents etc.

How long does the Room Integrity Test take?

A Room Integrity Test will take around 1-2 Hours if the room is well sealed. The room will be blocked throughout the duration of the Integrity test. It will not affect any equipment within the room. After the Integrity Test you can use the room as normal.

What if the Room Fails the Integrity Test?

Unsurprisingly, many rooms fail an Integrity Test, due to construction works being undertaken to the room envelope, this is usually due to running new services through walls, floors or ceilings. If the room does fail don’t panic as we can undertake a smoke survey and produce a full report detailing the air leakage paths and we can even provide a bespoke room sealing service, should it be required. Once the leakage is identified this will be sealed using specialist sealing products with the associated certification.

How quick can I get my results?

The Room Integrity Test results can be sent to our clients Electronically within 24 hours, whether the rooms have passed or failed. If the room fails, a cost will then be sent over for any associated sealing works and a further Room Integrity Test.

How many Room integrity Tests do I need?

As a Gaseous suppression system can cover multiple rooms You would require a test for each of these rooms. In many cases a building will have a server room and an associated UPS (Battery) Room which are both protected, in this instance 2 tests would be required.

Why use APT for your Room Integrity Test

APT was formed to meet the increasing demands of Building Regulations. We are a multi UKAS accredited company so you can be sure our reportage is of the highest quality. We undertake Room Integrity Testing on all types of protected enclosures from huge power station turbine enclosures, through to server rooms and data centres. We are now one of the leading Room Integrity Companies in the UK.

Our Engineers have over 40 years combined experience within the Fire Suppression Industry and are able to provide help and advice on your Room Integrity Test needs. We can also help if you have previously failed your integrity test, we can visit site and undertake localised smoke testing with air leakage reports. We can even undertake the fire sealing works if so required.

It is our ongoing aim to provide clients a ‘one stop’ Room Integrity Testing service to cater for their most exacting requirements. We only use high quality equipment that is UKAS calibrated – a basic requirement of a UKAS accredited testing laboratory. 

If you have a protected enclosure that requires a room integrity test, please contact us at: or call Darren direct on 07775623464. We undertake testing throughout London and the South East.

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