Sound Testing on Conversions Projects

Sound Testing on Conversions Projects

Sound Testing on Conversions Projects
Acoustic design and sound testing on conversions projects don’t need to be problematic.

If you are currently managing the process of an office or house convert houses into flats or ‘Rooms for Residential Use’, then you need to pay attention to the acoustic design from the design stage of the project.

Air Pressure Testing  have many years of experience in providing quality sound insulation testing and acoustic design services  designed to help you meet these essential legal requirements of Building Regulations Part E. We are a UKAS accredited company, so you can be sure that our services are undertake to the highest laboratory standards.

Sound Testing on Conversions Projects

The types of projects that need to comply with this piece of legislation are:

  1. House to flat conversions
  2. Commercial building to flat conversions.
  3. Hotels and hostels
  4. Boarding houses
  5. Halls of residence
  6. Residential homes

Our six stage process is designed to get the very best results and help you comply with Approved Document E:

  1. Stage 1 – We review the architect’s drawings to check the required acoustic principles have been followed and make comment as and when necessary.
  2. Stage 2 – We undertake a site visit and analyse the current state of building construction.  And to check there are no site specific construction problems that may affect the acoustic performance of the building.  This helps us to get a more accurate overview of which acoustic treatments will be necessary.
  3. Stage 3 – We’ll provide you with a full and detailed acoustic design report that outlines which acoustic treatments will be required to ensure the conversion meets the criteria for Document E.  We’ll work out the cheapest and most efficient way of converting the building as well as taking into account buildability issues.
  4. Stage 4 – We will provide ongoing support to assist the builder/consultant to ensuring that the level of detail required is met and deal with any ongoing issues that may arise.
  5. Stage 5 – We can try to save you further money by providing building materials at a reduced rate.
  6. Stage 6 – We will undertake the final pre-completion sound testing to achieve compliance with Approved Document E.

We’ve successfully guided our clients through hundreds of different conversion projects and can boast a 100 per cent success rate where we have been involved in the acoustic design.

There are two distinct types of noise to when undertaking acoustic design on conversions, they are:

  • Airborne Noise (for example speech and music) and
  • Impact Noise (for example footsteps directly on the floor above) and

Even if both types of sound are emitting through the ceiling/floor then there are acoustic solutions that should reduce the sound levels and improve your sound insulation test results.

Part E stipulates that 10% of each party wall/floor construction type to be tested. The Sound insulation testing is to be carried out between pairs of rooms separated by party walls and/or floors. In is usual to test between living rooms and bedrooms as these are classed as the two main ‘habitable’ rooms; however if this isn’t possible other rooms can be used such as study’s, kitchens and dining rooms.

Unfortunately, we are currently experiencing a rise in the amount of sound testing failures – where we have not been involved in the acoustic design) mainly due to the conversion of office blocks into residential developments. Some of the buildings have unusual construction elements such as honeycomb floors which can be very weak acoustically, due to their lack of mass, taking this into account it is extremely important that we are involved from the start of the project.

If a building fails its sound insulation test it’s usually down to a problem with the acoustic due to issues such as noise flanking etc. One common cause of noise flanking is often associated with the inclusion of lightweight blocks within the construction of the building envelope. Clients often call us in when their building has failed the sound testing. Many other sound testing companies simply offer sound testing but no acoustic design services, we offer a comprehensive acoustic design and sound test package – as detailed in our 6 stage design service.

We undertake UKAS accredited Part E sound testing in London and throughout the rest of the UK. We use the latest class 1 acoustic equipment and we are a UKAS accredited company, so our clients can be sure that all testing is completed to a strict ISO quality controlled standard. We undertake sound testing throughout London and the UK.

If you would like advice on your acoustic design or sound testing in London, please contact us now at or call us on 07775 623464.

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