Acoustic Consultancy Testing

Acoustic Consultancy Testing

As premier Acoustic Consultants, we provide a comprehensive turnkey solution to address all your Acoustic Consultancy Testing needs, ensuring compliance with planning requirements and Building Regulations Part E. This guarantees the successful approval of acoustic aspects in your project. Our commitment to delivering professional guidance at every stage, coupled with ongoing cost considerations, sets us apart.

Our site visits involve conducting sample sound insulation tests on existing building walls and floors to assess the sound insulation performance of dividing partitions. Once sound levels are established, we proceed to tailor an acoustic design that adheres to Building Regulations Part E.

From the initial design scheme to precompletion sound testing, we actively contribute to the acoustic design development of your project. Our focus includes a meticulous review of acoustic details, considering construction elements such as mass, isolation, and absorption.

Acoustic Consultancy Testing
To facilitate compliance with Approved Document E, we offer a comprehensive 4-step acoustic design advice package:

  1. Site Survey Visits: We assess the existing site construction, identifying potential issues like the use of lightweight blocks and ensuring proper installation of acoustic materials by the installation teams.
  2. Sample Sound Testing: We conduct accurate assessments of the acoustic performance of existing partitions, enabling us to craft a targeted acoustic design based on the sound insulation performance of the existing construction.
  3. Acoustic Design Review: We provide a thorough design review of party walls and floors for proposed developments, taking into account construction elements and ensuring adherence to manufacturer’s guidelines during installation.
  4. Pre-completion Sound Testing to Satisfy Approved Document E: If the local authority requires Sound Insulation Testing, contact us promptly at 01525 303905 or via email at

Part E Sound Insulation Testing

Since July 2003, the mandatory requirement for pre-completion sound testing under Part E of Building Regulations applies to all newly constructed properties and conversions completed after that date. This testing entails examining 10% of each party wall or floor construction type in these structures. The objective of sound testing is to ensure that residential developments can demonstrate satisfactory levels of noise attenuation performance.

To comply with Building Regulations Part E, two distinct types of sound testing must be conducted: airborne noise testing, which assesses sound transmitted through the air (e.g., televisions and conversations), and impact noise testing, which evaluates noise resulting from impacts on the floor surface (e.g., footsteps). These measures are crucial for verifying the effectiveness of sound insulation in rooms separated by party walls or floors.

By undertaking the two types of sound testing ensures the dwelling provides a reasonable resistance to the passage of sound.

UKAS Accredited Services

We are a UKAS-accredited sound insulation testing laboratory providing our valued clients with a proactive sound testing service and reliable reportage to achieve building control sign off. Utilising our many years of acoustic design experience means that your project will be in safe hands from the initial design stage to the final precompletion testing of the project.

For further details on our Acoustic Consultancy Testing services, or if you are unsure of the acoustic requirements on your project, please call us on 01525 303905 or visit our website.

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