Electrical Thermal Imaging Inspections

Electrical Thermal Imaging Inspections

Electrical Thermal Imaging Inspections

In recent years, facility management companies have increasingly recognised the importance of electrical infrared inspections for their predictive maintenance programs.

Thermal imaging is vital in electrical predictive maintenance because it identifies potential faults quickly and comprehensively. Unlike spot pyrometers, which require testing individual fuses, thermal imaging captures multiple details in a single image, allowing maintenance teams to perform remedial work before critical asset failures occur.

Electrical Thermal Imaging Inspections are a very cost-effective way of ensuring that your electrical system doesn’t burn out or break down. This is especially important in industries with high voltage systems and/or where continuity of power is critical to the business, e.g. data centres, banks, utility suppliers, manufacturing, hospitals.

The most common benefits are:

  • Extension of equipment/building life
  • Less plant (critical asset) down time
  • Less energy wasted through inefficient operation.
  • The ability to prioritise and better target preventive maintenance
  • The avoidance of consequential damage to plant or facilities from fires/short circuits

How Will Your Building Benefit from the Survey?

Electrical infrared thermal surveys are incredibly useful for various purposes within new and existing buildings, such as:

  1. Saving time & money: by reducing downtime, maintenance costs, and energy consumption.
  2. Improving quality and productivity: by optimizing the electrical systems operation and performance.
  3. Reducing risk: By identifying potential problems before they cause damage or failure, electrical thermal surveys can prevent costly downtime, repairs, or accidents.
  4. Lowering energy costs: By finding poor connections or inefficiencies that waste energy, electrical thermal surveys can help lower annual bills and improve environmental performance.
  5. Extending the lifespan of equipment: by improving the serviceability of electrical equipment by preventing premature wear and tear
  6. Fulfilling insurance requirements: Some insurance companies may require or recommend electrical thermal surveys as part of their risk assessment or policy compliance.

Electrical Infrared Thermal Imaging Survey’s
At APT Thermal Imaging, we analyse your assets and provide unique, easily understandable thermal imaging reports that integrate seamlessly into your predictive maintenance programs. If you need assistance interpreting the data from the thermal inspection report, you’ll have a dedicated thermographer available to explain everything in layman’s terms.

Here at APT Sound Testing, we offer a high-quality electrical infrared thermal imaging survey. Our professional and certified Level 2 Thermographers will conduct your inspections for BREEAM compliance in accordance with all relevant standards and current regulations.

To provide a quotation, we need a few details, such as floor plans, elevation drawings, and the building location. We will also send an informative checklist to help you prepare for the thermal survey.

We dedicate substantial time to our reporting, ensuring it is among the best in the industry. While we may draw initial conclusions on-site that require further investigation, our final conclusions and report are only finalized after thorough data analysis. Our goal is to provide clear, easy-to-reference reports.

If you require an electrical thermal imaging inspection, our professional and certified Level 3 Thermographers will perform your inspections to meet all necessary standards and current regulations.

To get started, we need the building address and the number of electrical installations within the building. Floor plans are also helpful for orientation during the inspection. Additionally, we will send a checklist to assist you in preparing for the thermal survey.

Please contact APT for more information
If you would like to contact us for more information on our thermal imaging services, please contact us on 01525 303905 or email us at info@aptsoundtesting.co.uk

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