Clean Room Testing and Maintenance Services

Clean Room Testing and Maintenance Services

Clean Room Testing and Maintenance Services

APT Sound Testing is dedicated to addressing all your clean room testing requirements, including the organisation of maintenance programs to ensure compliance with the relevant ISO standards. If you need more information about our clean room testing services, please use our contact form immediately. We offer a prompt and proactive service to minimize downtime for your critical assets.

Primary Clean Room Testing Services
We provide a range of essential clean room tests, including:

  1. Airborne Particulate Testing
  2. Filter (HEPA) Installation Leak Testing
  3. Air Supply and Extract Quantities
  4. Differential Pressure
  5. Containment Leak Testing
  6. Air Movement Control
  7. Room Recovery
  8. Temperature and Relative Humidity Measurements
  9. Noise Level Measurements

Our approach is customer-focused, striving to exceed expectations in both pricing and service. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that our reports and certificates are of the highest quality, providing our customers with confidence that their external calibration and validation requirements have been met. Our commitment to quality is validated by our UKAS accreditation.

Skilled and Motivated Test Engineers

Our team of test engineers is well-trained, highly motivated, and adaptable, ensuring consistent delivery of our high standards.

Comprehensive Clean Room Testing Services

To ensure your clean room environment is functioning effectively, several factors related to the air supply from your ventilation system need to be tested. These tests are applicable to all types of clean rooms, whether used for pharmaceutical manufacturing, sterile and aseptic production, or microelectronic production.

Key Testing Parameters

  1. Air Quantity and Quality:
    • Air Quantity: We test to ensure there is enough air to dilute or remove any contamination generated within your clean room.
    • Air Quality: We ensure the air is not contributing to contamination but is instead effectively removing it.
  2. Airflow Dynamics:
    • We test the direction of airflow to ensure it moves from clean to less clean areas, minimizing the transfer of contaminated air into cleaner zones and preventing high concentrations of pollutants.

Detailed Clean Room Testing Procedures

  1. Airborne Particulate Testing:
    • Measurements are conducted to ensure the concentration of particles and microorganisms meets the clean room’s specifications.
  2. Filter Installation Leak Testing:
    • HEPA filters and their housings are tested using Dispersed Oil Particulate (DOP) to verify their integrity.
  3. Air Supply and Extract Quantities:
    • For unidirectional systems, we measure and record air velocity. For non-unidirectional systems, we measure the air supply.
  4. Differential Pressure:
    • We ensure that air in the clean room always moves from clean to less clean areas by maintaining a higher pressure in the clean room compared to adjacent areas.
  5. Containment Leak Testing:
    • The construction of the clean room is checked to ensure no airborne contamination occurs through leaks from higher-pressure areas.
  6. Air Movement Control:
    • We study air movement within the clean room to ensure sufficient airflow to dilute or remove pollutants, preventing contamination build-up.
  7. Room Recovery:
    • We measure the clean room’s recovery time to its normal operating cleanliness following a release of particulate contaminants.
  8. Temperature and Relative Humidity:
    • Tests on temperature, relative humidity, heating, and cooling capabilities are conducted, along with measurements of noise, lighting, and vibration levels.

Customer Communication and Reporting

APT Sound Testing is committed to ensuring you fully understand the clean room testing process and results. After any clean room testing or validation service, we provide clear, easy-to-follow test reports. These reports can be issued on-site, minimizing operational downtime.

Clean Room Testing Services
If your clean room requires particulate monitoring or any of the tests mentioned above, please contact us promptly. We offer efficient solutions for all your clean room testing and certification needs. Additionally, we can provide maintenance programs to ensure your clean room complies with the corresponding ISO standards. This emphasis on ‘expert intervention’ ensures your clean room maintains its integrity and functionality.

Detailed Service Breakdown

  1. Airborne Particulate Testing:
    • Airborne particulate testing is essential to maintain the cleanliness levels required for various clean room classifications. We utilize state-of-the-art particle counters to measure the concentration of airborne particles, ensuring compliance with ISO standards. This testing is crucial for environments where even the smallest particles can compromise product quality or research integrity.
  2. Filter Installation Leak Testing:
    • HEPA filters are critical in maintaining clean room air quality. Our leak testing involves introducing a challenge aerosol upstream of the filter and scanning the downstream side to detect any leaks. This ensures that the filters are properly installed and functioning effectively, preventing contaminants from bypassing the filtration system.
  3. Air Supply and Extract Quantities:
    • Proper air supply and extraction are vital for maintaining the clean room’s pressure differentials and air change rates. We measure air velocities and volumes to ensure that the clean room’s air handling systems are performing as designed, supporting the clean room’s operational requirements.
  4. Differential Pressure Testing:
    • Maintaining appropriate differential pressures between clean and less clean areas is essential to prevent cross-contamination. Our testing verifies that pressure gradients are maintained, ensuring that air flows from cleaner to less clean areas, as per design specifications.
  5. Containment Leak Testing:
    • The integrity of clean room barriers is tested to ensure that no leaks allow contaminants to enter the clean room. This involves checking seals, door interlocks, and construction joints to confirm they are airtight and maintain the clean room’s integrity.
  6. Air Movement Control:
    • Effective air movement is critical for removing contaminants and maintaining clean room standards. We assess the airflow patterns using visual smoke tests and airflow visualization techniques to ensure that air moves as designed, preventing stagnant zones where contaminants could accumulate.
  7. Room Recovery Testing:
    • Room recovery testing measures how quickly a clean room can return to its specified cleanliness level after a contamination event. This involves introducing a controlled amount of particles and measuring the time it takes for the particle count to return to acceptable levels, ensuring the room’s ventilation system is effective.
  8. Environmental Condition Testing:
    • In addition to particulate and airflow testing, we also measure temperature, relative humidity, noise levels, lighting, and vibration. These parameters can affect both the clean room environment and the comfort of personnel, so they are included in our comprehensive testing services.

Why Choose APT Sound Testing?

Commitment to Quality and Compliance:

  • Our UKAS accreditation underscores our commitment to delivering high-quality testing services that meet rigorous standards. This accreditation assures our clients that our methods and processes are reliable and accurate.

Customer-Focused Approach:

  • We prioritize our clients’ needs, aiming to exceed expectations through meticulous service and competitive pricing. Our focus on clear communication ensures that our clients are always informed and confident in the results of our testing.

Expert Team:

  • Our test engineers are highly trained and experienced, bringing expertise and flexibility to every project. Their dedication to maintaining high standards ensures consistent and reliable results.

Efficient Service Delivery:

  • We understand the importance of minimizing downtime for our clients. Our efficient testing processes and on-site report generation help reduce operational interruptions, allowing clients to maintain their productivity.

Clean Room Testing & Certification
APT Sound Testing is your go-to partner for all clean room testing and certification needs. Our comprehensive range of services, backed by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, ensures that your clean room operates effectively and in compliance with ISO standards.

Contact us today by calling 01525 303905 to learn more about how we can support your clean room testing and maintenance requirements.

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