Introducing Room Integrity Testing

Introducing Room Integrity Testing

Introducing Room Integrity Testing from APT Sound Testing Services
A Room Integrity test is conducted to estimate the time it takes for fire suppressant agents to reach a specified level in a room without activating the suppression system, typically around 10 minutes for popular gases.

Following the sealing of the room, a series of tests are performed, involving the attachment of a blower fan unit to pressurize and depressurize the enclosure through the test doorway. Subsequently, measurements of pressure and airflow are taken to determine the leakage characteristics of the enclosures. The anticipated retention time is then calculated based on data related to the extinguishing system and the identified leakage characteristics.

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For most types of extinguishing systems, a minimum retention time of ten minutes is mandated for the suppressant agents to be contained within the enclosure. According to NFPA 2001, the Standard on Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems, a minimum concentration of 85% of the adjusted minimum design concentration must be maintained at the highest combustibles level for at least 10 minutes. This duration is typically sufficient to prevent re-ignition in most deeply seated fires, allowing ample time for emergency services to intervene and prevent the fire from spreading.

For additional details on our integrity testing services, please reach out to one of our technical sales team members now. We offer room integrity testing for various fire suppression system types and manufacturers throughout England and Wales, whether as part of a system installation or an annual inspection.

A Crucial Component of a Fire Suppression System

Room integrity testing is acknowledged as a crucial component of any fire suppression system. It is imperative that any suppression system agent discharged into a high-risk area can endure for a minimum of 10 minutes from the initial activation of the fire alarm or alert.

For gaseous fire suppression systems safeguarding enclosures like data/server rooms, compliance with room integrity testing is mandated during commissioning, following the stipulations outlined in British Standards BS EN15004 and NFPA 2001. Additionally, annual integrity testing is obligatory as per the BFPSA, and major commercial entities such as banks and data companies are obligated to conduct these tests regularly.

Room Integrity Testing to ISO 15004

According to the ISO standard BS EN15004, it is compulsory to conduct annual integrity testing on enclosures protected by a gaseous fire suppression system. The standard also specifies that if any modifications are made to the building envelope within the annual period, additional testing is necessary as the existing certification becomes invalid. It is important to note that the absence of valid enclosure certification could jeopardize buildings insurance coverage in the event of a fire.

At APT Sound Testing, we have conducted numerous room integrity tests on diverse room types, ranging from large data centers and power station turbine enclosures to small office server rooms. We possess in-depth knowledge of the principles behind extended discharge and hypoxic tests, and our expertise extends to localized smoke testing, which identifies air leakage paths within the room envelope. This enables clients to undertake targeted sealing efforts, enhancing retention times and achieving a pass in room integrity tests.

We offer room integrity testing for various types and brands of fire suppression systems across England and Wales, whether as part of a system installation or an annual inspection. Our engineers utilize cutting-edge testing technology to thoroughly assess potential areas of air leakage, providing advice and recommendations on sealing. Detailed retention and remedial sealing reports are also included.

For more information on our room integrity testing services, please reach out to one of our technical sales team members by calling 01525 303905 or contact us using our onsite contact form.

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