Premier Acoustic Consultants in the UK

Premier Acoustic Consultants in the UK

As premier Acoustic Consultants, we provide comprehensive solutions to meet all your acoustic needs, ensuring compliance with planning regulations and Building Regulations Part E for seamless project approval. With our expertise, your company is guided through every phase with professional advice, maintaining a continuous focus on cost considerations.

Sound Testing Services

From Initial Design to Pre Completion Testing

Our services begin with on-site visits to conduct sample sound insulation testing on existing building walls and floors, evaluating their acoustic performance against established standards. Armed with this data, we proceed to tailor an acoustic design strategy that aligns with Building Regulations Part E requirements.

From the initial design phase to pre-completion sound testing, we assist in shaping the acoustic aspects of your project. Our meticulous approach involves analyzing construction elements such as mass, isolation, and absorption to optimize acoustic performance.

To facilitate compliance with Approved Document E, we offer a comprehensive 4-step acoustic design advisory package:

  1. Site Survey Visits: Our experts assess existing site construction to identify potential issues and ensure proper installation of acoustic materials.
  2. Sample Sound Testing: Accurate evaluation of existing construction’s acoustic performance informs targeted acoustic design recommendations.
  3. Acoustic Design Review: A thorough examination of proposed party walls and floors to ensure compliance and optimal acoustic performance.
  4. Pre-completion Sound Testing: Fulfilling requirements outlined in Approved Document E for sound insulation testing, ensuring project approval.

Acoustic Design Services

We have many years’ experience of acoustic partition design on all types of developments from pairs of semi-detached houses, up apartment blocks containing hundreds of residential units. Utilising our vast experience in construction design, and the data from thousands of sound insulation tests, we have a clear understanding of the positives and negatives of all types of construction.

We are also a UKAS accredited sound testing laboratory which means we can offer a comprehensive design and testing solution for all your acoustic requirements. We can test and issue certification on completion of any works carried out and you can be safe in the knowledge that the results will be accepted by the tasked building control officer.

For further details on our acoustic consultancy services, please refer to the information below. Should you require Sound Insulation Testing as requested by local authorities, please contact us at 01525 303905 or via email at

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