Thermal Building Inspections in London

Thermal Building Inspections in London

Thermal Building Inspections in London
Thermographic surveys are an indispensable tool for demonstrating where heat is being lost in your commercial buildings in London.   Most of our customers are very surprised at mount of the sources of heat loss we uncover on their buildings. The problems can be cold draughts emanating through air leakage paths/cracks they hadn’t even noticed as well as missing insulation from whole sections of walls and/or floors which have been missed out by the insulation installation companies.

Thermal Building Inspections in London

How Does a Thermal Building Inspection work?

We will book in a convenient time to visit your commercial building in London; naturally this will depend on the time of year, in November-April the surveys can be undertaken fairly late in the morning; however, between May to October the surveys usually need to be undertaken between the hours of 03.00 – 05.00 to prevent solar loading etc.  Sometimes due to the prevailing weather conditions such as heavy rain etc. we may need to cancel the test and rearrange for a more suitable weather conditions – we will always try to give our clients as much notice as possible if there is a the chance of cancellations.

When we have undertaken the thermographic inspection, we will discuss any problems we  have encountered so you have an overview of the survey prior to us leaving site – obviously this takes more time but we feel it an important part of our service.

How long does will a Thermal Imaging Survey take?

This depends on the size and accessibility of your building, but it also depends how involved our clients want to be.  We strongly encourage advise that a site representative is with us during the survey as the customers representative will know more about the building, and we can point out any issues which can then be answered on the spot. By having a ‘buddy’ working alongside us we will both learn more in the process, which will ultimately help us to help you.  Overall we suggest our clients allow a minimum of 1 – 2 hours for a survey – especially if you have a lot of questions and it’s a large commercial building.

What type of Thermal Imaging Inspection report will I receive?

Usually within 1-2 days you will receive your thermal imaging report in PDF format, including copies of the images recorded, and our interpretation of what they are indicating

You might be interested to know that our Thermography Engineers are trained to minimum of Level 2, so the quality of the reportage is always of the highest quality.

Our Thermal Imaging Equipment

We use the latest Flir high resolution thermal imaging camera – our model is specifically designed for building thermography, with increased sensitivity incorporating a photographic image with an overlay of the thermal image, a feature which helps to put the latter into the context of its surroundings and offers our clients extra clarity when they are trying to reference the different areas of the buildings. We have 20 years’ experience working in a consultant thermography role so we bring a huge amount of experience to all our surveys.

Thermal Building Inspections in London

It is worth noting that if a thermographic survey is being undertaken as part of a BREEAM assessment, the thermography engineer must be qualified to a minimum Level 2 – all our APT’s thermographic engineers hold a minimum of Level 2 certification. We use the latest Flir high resolution thermal imaging cameras for all our surveys. Thermal imaging is the only practical way of checking that thermal insulation hidden in the structure meets the requirements for continuity of insulation.

Please visit us at for our thermal imaging guide and checklist and here for our air tightness testing guide and checklist.

If you would like more information on our Thermographic Building Inspection service, please contact us at or call us on: 01525 303905

Alternately for more information on our full range of thermal imaging inspection services, please visit our website at

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