Thermal Imaging Surveyor

Thermal Imaging Surveyor

As thermal imaging surveyors we have undertaken hundreds of thermal imaging surveys in all types of buildings, usually for checking for continuity of insulation and possible heat loss, ensuring your home or workplace remains as energy efficient as possible through summer to winter.

Using thermal imaging surveys, we can check for:

In our experience, thermal imaging surveys is one of the best no destructive methods of finding the root cause of problems within buildings, not only can thermography do this quickly and accurately, but it can also be undertaken without any impact to the site works and everyone involved within the process.

Thermal Imaging Surveyor

Our Thermal Imaging Surveyors undertake Heat Loss Surveys

Thermal Imaging Surveys are one of the best methods of tracking down sources of heat loss in your home or commercial building, whether that be poorly installed or missing insulation, cold air infiltration into voids or direct draughts through the building envelope.  

Recent studies have shown over 60% of the UK’s residential and commercial properties suffer from some form of heat loss. Heat loss can be due to many factors; however, the main ones are:

Our thermal imaging surveyors, undertake heat loss surveys to identify draughts and insulation problems all types of buildings.  A heat loss survey will identify draughts and insulation problems in your home or commercial building, it will also reveal areas where ineffective insulation is causing heat loss through the building envelope via the following areas:

  • Missing wall, floor, and ceiling Insulation – Possible causes include damage or inadequate installation and water ingress. 
  • Thermal Bridging – The movement of heat through the building structure tvia material bridging
  • Windows and Doors – poor draft excluders and poorly installed fixtures and fittings allowing heat escape through gaps.
  • Structural Integrity – roofs and walls and floors

The benefits of thermal imaging for new building purchases

Thermal Surveys can be extremely useful when acquiring a new or existing building such as:

  • Identifying defects in a new or existing building, prior to purchase allowing you to negotiate a better price with the seller, considering the costs for the remedial works.
  • Check for upgrades to the building and structure.
  • To check if the cost of maintenance outweighs the use and value of the building.

If you are purchasing a new or existing building, we can start to save you money by identifying heat loss quickly and with no fuss. A quick survey with our thermal cameras will identify areas of heat loss and you can then put actions into place to ensure your energy consumption goes down. The short-term costs of extra insulation will save you money in the long run. The survey may also identify building defects that may turn out to be costly in the long run. Taking all of this into account can you afford not to do a thermal imaging survey.

Thermal Imaging Surveyor

What equipment does our thermal imaging surveyors use?

Our thermal imaging surveyors only use the best high-resolution cameras to ensure we always attain a high standard of reportage. Our most popular camera is the FLIR 640 Thermal Imaging cameras, as they have very good thermal imaging capabilities to meet most standards. The 640 x 480-pixel detector resolution provides APT’s thermal imaging surveyors with some of the highest thermal resolution and sensitivity on the market for high accuracy temperature measurements up to an impressive 2000°C.

This high resolution combined with 5-megapixel digital cameras allows us to produce very sharp visible light and thermal images required for the comprehensive documentation of a system’s thermal condition. Our thermal cameras also have FLIR MSX Technology, which makes it easier for our engineers to find an identify problems. Our cameras Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging extracts high-contrast highlights from the camera’s image and then uses FLIRs patented technology to superimpose the enhanced details over the infrared image. This offers incredible clarity on thermal images, providing sharper looking thermal images with more texture, which in turn allows for more accurate and professional looking thermography reports, which is essential for our clients.

Why Choose our thermal Imaging Surveyors

Our experienced and highly qualified thermal imaging surveyors produce higher quality and more technically consistent thermography inspections. Highly trained Level 3 thermal engineers can troubleshoot, calibrate equipment, interpret data, and create reports.

When you are employing a thermographer, you should check to see that they incorporate the high specifications possible for their inspections. Are they certified to Level 3 and do they use large format FLIR thermal imaging cameras?

Their specification should include:

  • Level 3 thermographic certification
  • Level 3 qualified thermographers
  • Large format FLIR cameras with 45-degree lenses

Each thermal imaging report is reviewed and approved by our experienced and certified PCN Level 3 thermographers to ensure the highest quality for analysis and recommendations

Contact our thermal surveyors for more information

If you are looking commission a thermal imaging survey and require estimation on cost or some friendly advice, please contact us on for any questions and/or visit our website on or if you need advice on how to prepare your building for a thermal inspection, please download our thermal imaging checklist

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