What is a Thermographic Survey Inspection?

What is a Thermographic Survey Inspection?

What is a Thermographic Survey Inspection?
Thermographic survey inspections – which are also known as thermography surveys, can help to determine the thermal performance of a building. It creates a detailed photographic report for the customer (taken on a thermal imaging camera) which shows the temperature of commercial buildings.

APT Sound Testing undertakes detailed Thermographic Surveys to identify heat loss in order to improve energy efficiency and increase thermal comfort within our client’s buildings.

Using thermal imaging cameras, our highly skilled Level 2 engineers can detect infrared radiation and therefore identify increases or decreases in temperature. APT have been working with contractors and consultants to ensure their buildings do not suffer from excessive cold bridging, air leakage or thermal breaks in insulation.

What is a Thermal inspection Surveys?
BREEAM recognise the benefit of a thermographic survey by awarding credits if a thermal imaging survey is undertaken on a project. The survey will also demonstrate compliance with the construction specification on newly constructed buildings in-line with Building Regulations Part L and BREEAM.

What problems can a Thermal inspection survey identify?
The BREEAM thermal survey can diagnose problems within the building fabric such as missing insulations, moisture ingress, condensation and mould growth. The use of thermography can provide excellent visual and quantitative evidence of the causes of the suspected problems.

What is the science behind a thermal imaging survey?
Infrared thermography is a type of photography which is based on infrared wavelengths, rather than visible wavelengths.

Thermal imaging relies on radiated energy in the infrared (IR) spectrum which cannot be seen by our eyes.

Do you need to be trained to carry out a thermal survey?

Yes, to carry out a BREEAM thermal inspection you need to be certified to at least Level 2. Our BREEAM thermal imaging engineers are trained to Levels 2 & 3, so are suitably qualified to carry out thermal surveys.

How do I prepare my building for a thermal imaging survey?
In order to correctly carry out this thermographic assessment, it is necessary to achieve a 10ºC differential in temperature between internal (heated) and external (ambient) – or the inside and outside of the building envelope.

If you would like more information in regards to our Thermal Imaging Surveys, please contact us at info@aptsoundtesting.co.uk or call us Direct on 07775623464.

Alternately, if you would like more information on how to prepare for your BREEAM Thermal Imaging Survey, please visit our website at www.aptsoundtesting.co.uk or Thermal Imaging Inspection Checklist and you can also reference our blog at airpressuretesting.blogspot.com or our Thermal Imaging Knowledge Base Page which offers handy tips on how to prepare for your Thermal Imaging Survey.

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