Smoke Shaft Air Testing

Smoke Shaft Air Testing

Elevate Your Fire Safety Standards with Comprehensive Air Tightness Testing and Remediation Services. Ensure Regulatory Compliance and Protect Occupants with APT’s Accredited Solutions.

Smoke shafts systems are commonly installed as part of a fire-engineered approach to safety in high rise buildings. Smoke shafts are an important element of a smoke control system; therefore, the air tightness performance of the shaft is paramount ? that?s why they need to pass an air tightness test. If the smoke shaft doesn?t meet the air tightness target (usually 3.8m3/hr/m2) it can have a negative impact to the overall system and cannot be signed off by the fire system contractor and/or Building Control.

We have a massive amount of experience helping clients pass testing all sizes of smoke shafts, we also offer a diagnostic service for failed smoke shafts, using both smoke shaft testing and thermal imaging to identify air leakage paths within the smoke shaft envelope. On previous projects where the smoke shaft has failed the air test, we have managed to quickly identify the air leakage paths so cliento allow for targeted used smoke testing and thermal imagining to identify air leakage paths within the envelope of the smoke shaft.

The findings our smoke surveys are collated into a detailed air leakage report, which then allows the client to undertake targeted remedial sealing works resulting in a test pass during the following visit.

Our premium smoke shaft testing service includes:

  • Smoke shaft survey visits by experienced consultants
  • We are a UKAS and ATTMA Level 2 accredited air testing company
  • Smoke shaft air test certification to UKAS/ATTMA
  • The latest high-powered fan equipment
  • UKAS calibrated equipment.
  • The best diagnostic leakage service using smoke machines & thermal imaging.
  • Rapid testing service

Air Pressure Testing is one of the few companies that is both UKAS and ATTMA Level 2 accredited for undertaking air tightness testing to buildings as well as smoke shafts and floor plenums.

Importance of Air Testing for Smoke Shafts

Air testing for smoke shafts is a crucial step in ensuring safety and compliance with regulations. In the event of a fire, smoke can pose significant risks to occupants, often causing more than 60% of fatalities due to inhalation. By conducting air tests, we ensure that smoke control systems are effective in evacuating smoke, protecting escape routes, and assisting firefighters.

We have been undertaking AOV smoke shaft testing throughout London and the South-East, on many prestigious projects such as Battersea Power Station, The Imperial War Museum and Clarridges and Berkeley Hotel. 

Don’t compromise on safety — trust APT Smoke Shaft Air Testing Services for thorough and reliable testing.

If you would like more information on our smoke shaft (AOV) testing and/or you would like to download our smoke shaft checklist, please contact us at:

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