Infrared Thermography on Building Envelopes

Infrared Thermography on Building Envelopes

Infrared Thermography on Building Envelopes
Infrared thermography is diagnostic surveys you can undertake on building envelopes.

APT Sound Testing has been using thermography successfully to examine electrical systems and building envelopes for more than 15 years. What makes it such a versatile diagnostics solution is that it allows for non-destructive testing with a high rate of accuracy. It only takes a matter of hours to perform a thermography building inspection and identify all existing and potential problems with its envelope system and supply a detailed report to the customer.

Sound Testing Explained

The aim of the thermal analysis is to help quantify building sustainability and save ongoing building energy costs that are increasing year on year. The thermal imaging survey can help to identify damaged insulation, air leakage paths and HVAC & electrical failures which can lead to heat loss and/or building downtime.

Here at APT we try to be at the forefront of advanced predictive maintenance technologies. That means we have everything it takes to perform thermal imaging inspection latest high-resolution thermal imaging equipment. Its key applications include:

  • clear visualisation and reportage of energy losses
  • examination of thermal bridges in insulation;
  • analysis of HVAC systems
  • checking doors and windows for infiltration/exfiltration issues
  • detection of floor leaks and moisture build-ups
  • detection of flat roof leaks
  • identification of mould growth
  • assessment of the overall building condition

How you can benefit from thermography building inspections?

When used as part of preventative diagnostics, thermal building inspections can be used to detect energy losses in both commercial and industrial buildings as well as existing historical and cultural heritage sites.

You can also use thermographic inspections as part of your refurbishment and redevelopment projects because it allows you to analyse the performance of the existing structure that’s about to be renovated. You can then evaluate the performance of the building insulation etc. and the information can be used in the redesign of the building envelope.

If you’re a building contractors and/or consultant our services will be useful to you. Thermographic inspections for building diagnostics are now part of BREEAM certification requirements. Under the latest edition of the BREEAM Technical Manual (SD5076) it is possible to be awarded a BREEAM credit by conducting a thermographic survey of the building fabric. The BREEAM thermography survey is required to be completed in accordance with MAN 04 Commissioning and handover compliance notes CN3.3 and CN3.4.

Basically the BREEAM thermographic survey is required to confirm:

  • Continuity of insulation in accordance with the construction drawings
  • Avoidance of excessive thermal bridging
  • Avoidance of air leakage paths through the fabric (except through intentional openings)

Any defects identified via the post construction inspection are required to be rectified.

The BREEAM thermal survey needs be undertaken by a UKTA Approved Level 2 thermographic surveyor, all our engineers are trained to Level 2 & 3 so our reports will be acceptable to BREEAM.  

If you are looking commission a thermal imaging survey to secure a BREEAM credit and require estimation on the cost, please contact us on for any questions and/or visit our website on or download our thermal imaging checklist.

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